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Through Facility Management Outocoz aspires to improve the Quality of Life of people and the productivity of the core business. With Client Satisfaction being our top priority, we have invested heavily into consistently improving our services so as to leap to the forefront of Facility Management. Our Facility Managers are Invested in delivering Functionality, Security, Comfort in order to provide our clients an optimum experience.


We provide Property and Facility Management Services for Strata Developments all around Singapore, As a Cat A accredited managing agent by APFM, our staff are dedicated to giving the building their attention and care with our client’s comfort & best interests as our utmost priority.


We are cultivated in managing projects, additionally we are experienced in transitioning from pre-TOP to AGM, conducting AGM meetings, monthly Council meetings, as well as keeping the continuity of Strata Management Schemes with new or current councils.


Consultancy for Upgrading works is a key aspect of our Services, we ensure nothing less than top service is being provided to our valued clients, with seasoned staff armed with over 20 years of experience, we are able to oversee/supervise any Upgrading Works being done to guarantee that the work being done is up to standard in accordance to the relevant code of practice as well as ensuring our clients get nothing short of their desired results.


With our dedicated drone service team, we offer comprehensive building inspections and project progress monitoring, a specialized service that sets us apart from many facility management companies. Our skilled operators can quickly deploy drones to conduct thorough inspections of building exteriors and hard-to-reach areas, identifying potential issues with precision and efficiency.


With an In-House engineering team, we are able to provide M&E Maintenance, a major part of our service that not many Managing Agents are able to provide. We are able to swiftly send down our In-House engineering team to investigate the issue and resolve it if it is within our capacity.


We are also well versed and provide services in Building Retrofitting & Upgrading Works, ranging from Repainting works, Air-conditioning, Mechanical & Engineering services, Waterproofing works, External works.